Daily Life

Finnaly, Diving Lesson Part I : DONE!

*drumroll* My First Electric Oven *Cooking Lesson Started*

Dark Sky Comes Over Me : Gloomy Day

Kembali ke Bangku Kuliah, Apakah Sudah Terlambat?

What Is Love? Think Rationally

Do You Really in Love? Think Again

Getting Married IS NOT EASY

2014 : Travelling.. Travelling..

You’re So Annoying

Sorry, You Are (Definitely) Not A Best Friend

Enggak Suka Buang-buang Uang

Dear God, Make Me Be Titanium

Forget Shitty People, Happy Just The Way You Are

I’m So Ready For The First Journey

Mama Bertanya, Saya Menjawab

Makin Banyak Kendaraan, Makin Banyak Pengemudi Bodoh

Bersyukur, Jangan Berhenti Bermimpi

Starting Little Business : Sofa Cushions

(my) Unhelathy Environment

(How Finally) I Hate Diamonds

Waiting to Be Great (Wife and Mom)

This Is How I Encourage Myself

Why So Serious?? Selow Aja Kélesss



2 thoughts on “Daily Life

  1. hey mba, katanya mau ngtrip ke labuan cermin ya? Boleh gabung? saya posisi di bontang mbak dan ga puny twitter jadi gabisa nghubungin langsung 🙂

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