The First Asian Model on Vogue Italy 2013 Cover

Cover Story always been interesting on a magazine. Especially if it’s the most famous style magazine in the world : Vogue. Mostly, the Vogue cover model has a white skin. Especially for Asian models is rarely came up on this magazine, because Asians got a different skin character. Asian women famously has an exotic skin and darker.

But on January edition of Vogue Italy, they choose Sun Fei Fei as the cover model. She looks amazing with a classic looks, to appreciate 1950’s Chinese beauty and fashion icon, China Machado.


China Machado

Basic to Harper Bazaar’s, Machado, the Asian Model Breakdown, was born in Shanghai and move to South America, then work for Bazaar in 1959 when Richard Avedon, a photographer, saw her beautifully wore Balenciaga dress. She is the first non-white cover magazine in West.

Back to Sun Fei Fei, she is now at the 14th rank of 50 top models by models.comwhich nowadays more Chinese and Asian models on the list. Fei Fei on the Vogue Italy cover, had a cat-eyes with burgundy lips. She got a sleek bob hairstyle and wore gheometric black-and-white dress made her look classic and elegant. I can say that she had a similar look with Machado, by her lips and cheekbone. I believe that her lips also made to look like Machado.


Sun Fei Fei on Vogue Italy January edition

Cover Story on the Vogue Italy January edition tagged, “Fusion Elegance”. The style means global, no limitations. With raised the exoticm of China Machado, a story of Elegance and Purity.

Fei Fei started her career at 17, she is now 23 and have been working for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Givenchy dan Valentino. She became a famous model because of her talent and her unique beauty. Fei Fei friends with Liu Wen, who called the game-changer (of the modelling rules these times), 5th position on the list. Other Asian models on the list are : Sui He on 13th, Xiao Wen Ju on 22th, Ming Xi on 33th, Tian Yi on 38th, Tao Okamoto on 47th, and Wang Xiao on 50th. See? There’s 8 Chinese models of 10 of the list. China must be proud 🙂

See Fei Fei run on the stage here


Peplum Dress for Moslem Women

We, women, definetely wanted to look good, fresh, beautiful. There are many things to be noted. And for some people, follow the latest fashion trends is some kind of a must. Lately, in fashion factory, especially for women fashion, peplum dress become a favourite. Some of famous people always look great on this. We can say, Victoria Beckham, is one of fan of Peplum Dress. And other actrees, came up with this beautiful dress in many occassions. But of course, Hollywood actresses will show the beauty with showing their healthy and glowing skin.

peplum dress by aludra collections

peplum dress by aludra collections

For moslem women, all part of their body, need to be covered, as the religious orders by Al-Quran said. But it doesn’t mean they can not show their beauty. By tracing their style, moslem women could apply to a new style. As the moslem fashion growth darting these years, moslem fashion appear in more modern style, and rich of colors and pattern.


casual peplum dress

For a casual occasions, the colors are more flexible. A simple peplum dress with natural or monochrom color can be applied with patterned hijab or scarf. The material should be comfort so it won’t limitate the latitude.

formal peplum dress

formal peplum dress

For more formal occasions, basic color such as black and white still can be applied with patterned hijab, but to make the formal impressions, a blazer would help.  But remember, your make-up and other accessories should be match and espouse your style.

To make a similar dress, actually two pieces clothes can be used.  A blouse with slight material mixed with a peplum skirt, with a match color will make the same look.

Earthy color and pastel color will impress a simple but elegant, if you choose the right style.

peplum dress for wedding

peplum dress for wedding – amarra boutique

Also, this peplum dress would be great for a Moslem Wedding Dress. In Malaysia, as example, they choose this kind of Baju Kurung Peplum Dress. Again, basic and pastel color became a first option.

With some flower and belt ornaments, it will looks amazing in your special day. This peplum style for wedding also can be mixed with mermaid style on the bottom of the dress. The last, put the lace on the chest part and the edge of sleeves.

Voila! It made you look like a princess on The Big Day.

On this peplum dress style options, I can say that less pattern would give the best look.  Better not to pick a dress with too much pattern, because peplum style itself has a ‘glowing’ pattern to your body. Of course you don’t want too look as worst as Kim Kardashian when she attend The Met Gala Ball 2013 which is became the butt of every fashion article in Hollywood. Too Much Pattern Will Kill You.