Dark Skies Comes Bring Down The Rain

There were never will be a perfect season…
People said, after the thunder always comes the rainbow. But again, after the rainbow still will be rainy days. And these days, those dark skies bring down monsoon. It is cold, it is… not funny at all. Looking at the windowpane and the land has become flooded.

I can’t walk. I can’t talk…
All the beauty is gone.
The bright sky covered with cinereous.
I don’t need the crowd, cheer, merriment.
I only need someone to talked to, spend time, to laid on.
It is hard to live with a half spirited, walk alone…
…. Wether surrounded by beautiful times having by people around.

I am afraid I could say what I suppose to say.
I am grounded by the forest, with no lights. Freezing and lost.
I need to be founded.
I am waiting to be founded. Touched by the sunlight warms. Feel embraced….


from my other page : http://summer-effect.blogspot.com/